134 ex-smokers

1.5M non-smoked cigarettes

$240K money saved

Benefits of not smoking

By stop smoking the quality of life of any person increases. The chances of dying by tobacco deseases decreases each year without smoking

How does MindCotine work?

Immersive sessions

Train 10 minutes a day with virtual reality experiences designed exclusively to connect with your craving to smoke, and learn new neurological skills so that you don´t smoke in everyday situations.

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Mindfulness training

Learn to control the urge to smoke using relaxation and mediation techniques designed especially for the situations that you face daily.


Follow-up support

By signing in, gain access to a direct network of user support that will accompany you throughout the program.

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MindCotine accompanied me all the way during the process. I learnt to cope with the urge and on day 21, I decided to quit smoking.

Mario, 32 years old

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