Frequent asked questions

Who can use MindCotine?

Anyone who wants a smoke-free life will find a place in the MindCotine community. Whether you are a smoker who wants to quit or someone who has succeeded and wants not to relapse, we have designed a special program to help you.

Who is MindCotine for?

Both the person who smokes and that person who doesn't smoke anymore, are clear intended users. Companies and large organizations can generate smoke-free spaces and help their employees and customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Health professionals can also implement this method for their patients. And of course, every family member, friend, or acquaintance who wants to help the people around them have a tool to quit smoking.

If I belong to an organization or a company, how can I bring MindCotine to the company?

You can write to and we will contact you shortly. We will coordinate with the organization or the company to which you belong a diagnosis and intervention service to improve the lifestyle of each employee.

What will I need to start?

First, order your Kit. When you receive it, download the MindCotine app from the Play Store or App Store. Open the app, create your user and enter the code provided with your Kit. Then, answer some questions that will help us customize your experience, and your are ready to start!

In order to follow the program properly, you need to have daily access to a smartphone that supports the use of virtual reality (VR), give yourself some minutes each day and be motivated to start a new smoke-free life.

Is my cell phone compatible with the use of virtual reality?

Since we want MindCotine to be as accessible as possible, read this list to check the compatibility of your mobile phone with virtual reality. If your mobile phone appears on the list, it works with Mindcotine: Click here

In case it is not included in the list, you can use Mindcotine anyway, but you will not get the level of immersion that virtual reality experiences provide.

Does MindCotine guarantee that I will quit smoking?

Addiction to tobacco and the habit of smoking have been acquired and learned, and therefore, can be reversed. Through clinical trials, we have verified that the program has an effectiveness rate of 25% of complete cessation, and reduction of consumption of at least 50% on those who manage to finish the first cycle of 21 days.

MindCotine proposes a synthesis of techniques combined with technologies that has never been offered before. Each component of the program (Virtual Reality, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Exposure Therapy, Mindfulness, Community Support) works independently. For example, stimulus exposure therapies and the coping strategies that MindCotine uses in virtual reality, have been applied for years to treat smoking and other addictions, and have shown to have very good results.

What about my personal information?

We have a strict policy regarding privacy, confidentiality and anonymity to protect your data. We will use the information provided by you in the app to customize your treatment, for statistical purposes, and to increase the efficiency of the treatment in future releases. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy when you download the app.

What does the Kit include?

The MindCotine Kit includes a virtual reality viewer, two wristbands, an access code to the application, a user manual, and 3 stickers. Once you start the program, you will have access to a weekly support through text messages.

Can I buy the Kit in a store?

The Kit can only be purchased online. You can get in personally from one of our points of delivery in the City of Buenos Aires or Córdoba Capital, or you can choose that the Kit be sent to a mailing service of your choice.

Can I share my Kit?

The MindCotine Kit contains one single code to access the application. This means that the customization of the program will only be for you. You can share the cardboard viewer and use virtual reality with other content, but the use of Mindcotine as a comprehensive program has been designed to be used by one person.

How long is the program?

The program lasts at least 3 months, and can be extended up to 1 year. Each program cycle lasts 21 days in total and it will take at least 12 minutes to complete each day. MindCotine allows you to continue with your routine normally, and accompanies you during the day with different activities that will allow you to stay away from the smoking habit. The first cycle is to set a quit date; the second cycle is oriented towards cessation; the third, towards maintenance; the fourth, to the generation of healthy habits, etc. When the program is not done regularly, you can restart or redo from the last interaction.

What happens when my 12-month license ends?

Once the 12-month license ends, if you wish to continue with the program, you will need to buy the Kit again or acquire a new code by writing to We will keep your profile updated with the data of your previous license, so that you don´t lose the statistics about your journey.

When can I start?

You can purchase the Kit from our website, choose how to receive the Kit (if it is sent by mail to your domicile or if you get it from one of our delivery points) and once you receive it, just download the app and you can start immediately.

If it does not help me, will I get my money back?

We trust that MindCotine will work for those people who follow the indications strictly. However, we know that each person is different and it can happen that a user does not achieve his goal. The investment in the Kit and the program has advantages that will remain in your hands once the program is finished or abandoned, as applicable.The virtual reality cardboard viewer will be at your disposal to be used

with your mobile to access contents external to Mindcotine. You will have your money back under the condition that you have completed at least 2 full program cycles, and believe that it has not been helpful.

Is it safe to use VR? Are there any side effects?

Virtual reality can have some side effects. In some people, virtual reality generates symptoms of dizziness and disorientation. The speed at which we experience reality may be different within virtual environments, which can generate this type of symptoms. As we work with meditation, all our contents remain stable during the experiences.

On the other hand, people who suffer from epilepsy are advised not to use virtual reality for the risk of giving rise to fits. If you have suffered from epilepsy, ask your doctor before using Mindcotine.

Otherwise, go ahead!

What should I know about the relationship between psychology and VR?

Treatments used in cognitive behavioral therapy consist in training the mind to distinguish and differentiate between what I believe that I think and feel, and what I actually experience. One of the techniques is called stimulus exposure (TE), and has been used with virtual reality to treat phobias, addictive behaviors and post-traumatic disorders, for over 20 years with a high rate of efficacy. This therapy consists in being exposed to the stimulus that generate an increase in the sensations connected to the problem inside a controlled environment, with the purpose of losing sensitivity before this specific stimulus.

Coping skills training, on the other hand, consists in facing once and again the same situation where the stimulus appeared, but with the intention to try to practice different behaviors, so that you move from an automatic reaction to a chosen response.

What should I know about Mindfulness?

Mindfulness should be our natural state of being – we should be aware of our desires, not on autopilot. We should be present at the specific moment, focused when we work, confident when we speak and at ease when we are quiet, disciplined when we exercise, and comfortable when we sleep. In short, we should be able to be present at each moment of our lives, undisturbed by the noise outside. But, if it is natural, why is it so hard? Well, we believe that inner stability and equanimity, like many other things, are a matter of practice, and just like smoking, practice is a habit we can acquire.

As a matter of fact, research from Yale University shows that smokers who engaged in the routine practice of mindfulness, reported a diminished desire to smoke. And when you think about it, it makes sense, the habit is hard to quit, but desire is what really should be changed.

What should I know about the community?

MindCotine offers you to be part of a community where all members share a same vision: a life free of tobacco and a healthier lifestyle.

Smoking may be an individual habit, but it was acquired in a social environment, and can therefore be broken with the help of our peers. The aim of our community is precisely that, to become a healthy space, free of prejudgment and open to constant support, where to share the experiences of your process. We know how hard it can be to go through a difficult situation full of changes; for that reason, having the company of others going through the same is a key element during the process.

The community includes not only smokers who want to quit but also former smokers, and mentors who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience, and health professionals who will act as moderators every day to make sure that you take at least some time each day to reflect on your situation.